Architc 170 - Assignments - Summer 2016

The focus of the semester will be working with AutoCAD software to generate two-dimensional drawing compositions and three-dimensional object models. You will explore a number of output methods that bridge the digital and the physical world. 

The following are the assignments and the due dates for the course. To receive a grade your work must be uploaded to the Google Drive folder that you will create for the course. Work can be revised for a higher grade. The due dates listed are suggested dates for assignment submissions, but all work must be submitted by 7/14.

Assignment 1: DUE DATE: 6/9

  1. Read the Getting Started page.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the content on this page: Introduction to 2D AutoCAD.
  3. Complete the steps for creating a Google folder with sub-folders on this page
  4. Download the course syllabus from Blackboard and upload it to your new folder on Google Drive (Why? You may be asked for your syllabi, or you may want to reference it after the course is over).
  5. Download a copy of wright.ctb and place it in your Google Drive folder or an external memory device. This file will be needed every time that you print to pdf. You might also want to put a copy on an external device that you bring to class. Here is the link to access the file: wright ctb

Assignment 2: DUE DATE: 6/13. Complete the steps on the Page Setup and Layouts page. Bring to class the following items: a.) a set of headphones, and b.) an external drive, i.e. thumb drive, flash drive, jump drive. You will need the headphones, measuring tool and external drive throughout the semester.  

Assignment 3:  DUE DATE: 6/14: Make all revisions to Exercise 1 before proceeding. If I have graded the assignment, you will find my comments under My Grades on Blackboard. Complete the steps on the Geometries page. Bring a fabric or paper with a printed pattern to the next class. Read the instructions for the next exercise for more information.

Assignment 4: DUE DATE: 6/16. Please visit Blackboard and go to My Grades. Make sure that you can see my comments to your work.Complete the steps on the Patterns page. Bring a box to the next class. Read the instructions for the next exercise for more information. 

Assignment 5: DUE DATE: 6/20. Complete the steps on the Folding page. You will need to reference a book in the lab for part of this.

Assignment 6: DUE DATE: 6/21. Complete the steps on the Viewports page. Bring a container that holds liquids to the next class. Also, bring a scale or ruler for measuring. Read the instructions for the next exercise for more information.

Assignment 7: DUE DATE: 6/23. Complete the steps on the Projection Drawing page. 

Assignment 8DUE DATE: 6/27. Complete the steps on the Non-Annotative Blocks page.

At midterm (6/27), students must have a 50% or higher for exercises 1-8 to remain in the class.  

Assignment 9: DUE DATE: 6/28. Complete SH.1 through SH.26 on the Small House page

Assignment 10: DUE DATE: 6/30. Complete SH.27 through SH.33 on the Small House page 

Assignment 11: DUE DATE: 7/5. Complete the steps on the Annotations page. 

Assignment 12: DUE DATE: 7/7. Complete the steps on the Introduction to Modeling page. 

Please note that the final exercise will be a project that you and I define. The subject and expectations need to be determined before you start so please give yourself some time to think about your idea and time to discuss it with me.

Assignment 13: DUE DATE: 7/11. Complete the steps on the Table Exercise page. 

Assignment 14:  DUE DATE: 7/12. Complete the steps on the Container Project page. 

Assignment 15:  DUE DATE: 7/14. This final exercise will be a project that you define. The project should be roughly equivalent to the weekly exercises that you have been doing. Discuss your idea with me before starting.