Architc 172 - Assignments - Summer 2016


This semester you will be working on a single project that you develop in Revit. 

The following are the assignments and the due dates for the course. To receive a grade your work must be uploaded to your Google Drive folder unless noted otherwise. Work can be revised for a higher grade. The due dates listed are suggested dates for assignment submissions, but the draft set must be submitted by 7/11 and all work must be submitted by 7/14. 

Assignment 1:  DUE DATE: 6/13

Complete the following:

  1. Introduction to the course and the software.
  2. Create and share a Google folder with sub-folders as described on this page.
  3. Download the course syllabus from Blackboard and upload it to your new folder on the Google Drive (Why? You may be asked for your syllabi, or you may want to reference it after the course is over).
  4. Review the project description
  5. Make a layout for your project by sketching on paper. A site plan with a grid and trace paper will be provided to get you started. Scan the sketches of your plan and upload them to your Google Drive folder. You must scan and upload your sketch to receive a grade for this part of the assignment.

Assignment 2: Complete the steps on the Context page and the Working with Grids page. DUE DATE: 6/14.

Assignment 3: Complete the steps on the Building Elements page. Upload the Revit file to your Google Drive folder. DUE DATE: 6/20.

Assignment 4: Complete the steps on the Vertical Circulation page and the Fenestrations page. DUE DATE: 6/21.

Assignment 5: Complete the steps on the Families and Components page. DUE DATE: 6/23.

Assignment 6: Complete the steps on the Materials page and the Sub-grade Work page. DUE DATE: 6/27.

At midterm (6/27), students must have a 50% or higher for exercises 1-6 to remain in the class.

Assignment 7: Complete the steps on the Site Work page. DUE DATE: 6/28.

Assignment 8: Complete the steps on the Ceilings & Lighting page and the Massing page. DUE DATE: 6/30.

No class on 7/4.

Assignment 9: Complete the steps on the Annotations page. DUE DATE: 7/5.

Assignment 10: Complete the steps on the Lists, Schedules and Legends page. DUE DATE: 7/7.

Assignment 11: Complete a resume and upload it to your Google Drive folder. See the Employment Resources page for more information. 

Draft Set: Complete the steps on the Views page and the Working with Sheets page.  In addition to uploading the Revit and pdf file, this assignment requires that you print a hard copy of your drawings. Keep in mind that the sheet size may be larger in Revit, but you can print a reduced size set on 11" x 17" paper in the lab. DUE DATE: 7/11.

Final Set: Make revisions in response to the comments on the paper copy. Resubmit both the paper copy with the comments and a new set with the revisions. Upload the Revised pdf file of the set and the revised Revit file. DUE DATE: 7/14.