Setting up an Archive Using the Google Drive


As you take courses it is important that you document the work that you produce as well as some of the materials associated with your courses. This content will be useful to you later when you prepare for transfer or employment.

Much of the content you generate is digital. Digital files like hard copies can be lost or damaged. Therefore, it is a good idea to backup your work. Your work should be backed up in two places.

One should be on your personal computer or an external portable device (flash, thumb,etc.). However, work stored on these devices can be lost or damaged.

Therefore, another backup should be stored in the cloud. There a number of ways of storing content online to supplement your other backup devices. The advantage of saving content online is that the content is stored in a secure location remote from wherever you are. Also, the online content can be shared.

For this course you are asked to set up an online storage space for course content using Google Drive. The advantage of the Google Drive is that it is free (up to a relatively high storage limit) and many of you already have email service through Google gmail.


The student will utilize the online environment to manage and maintain course content. 


1. If you do not have one, already generate a Google account. Go to: Click on Sign in. Then you will be prompted to enter your username and password or generate a new account.

2. Once you have generated an account, go your Google drive:

3. Create a new folder for this course by clicking on Create and selecting Folder.



Name the folder with your name followed by Wright College. This folder will be used for this course and other courses you may take at Wright. If you have already made this folder for previous classes you have taken, you can skip ahead.


Click on the folder. Once you are in the folder create another folder using the naming protocol shown below. Example: 170_PatSmith_Spring2000. 

Course numbers include 104, 105, 121, 122, 123, 166, 170, 171, 172, 202, 204, 266.


Share the folder with your instructor. This is where you will be submitting assignments for the course. First click on the box and followed the steps below.


Next input the email address. By allowing the instructor to edit the folder, content can be shared with you as well. These settings can be changed once the course is complete.

Cut and paste the following address into the invitation line.


Upload the course syllabus to your folder. Why? You may need these in the future if you transfer or wish to take another course.

Click on the Upload icon to upload content to a folder. Note that you must be inside that folder to upload content to it. If you upload the files outside the folder, you can drag them into the folder after they have been uploaded.