Fenestrations are doors, windows, or any openings in walls.

F.1. Inserting Doors

F.1.1. A few door families will already be loaded in your project file. The doors are single, flush, wood doors. Their frames are painted. These parameters can be edited later. You can also load other door types.

Insert the doors described where appropriate in your project. 1.) On the Architecture ribbon, 2.) go to the Door icon. (3.) Select a door type and size from the pull-down menu. (4.) Drag the door to its position on a wall. (5.) Use the arrow keys to mirror the door in the wall. Where possible, center your doors between grid lines. 


F.1.2. Refer to the following video to see how to insert doors, load door families and customize doors.

VIDEO:  Inserting Doors in Revit (click on the image below)

F.2. Inserting Windows

F.2.1. Begin placing windows in your project. The process is similar to inserting doors. You can insert the windows that are already loaded into the project. 


F.2.2. You can make windows having different sizes within the family that is already loaded into the project by duplicating an existing type. First click Edit Type.


F.2.3. Then click Duplicate. 


F.2.4. Next rename it. Then change the size and sill height as required.


F.2.5. To place the window, drag it to a wall as you dd with the doors. Where possible, center your windows between grid lines.


F.3. Editing the Profile of a Wall

If you would like to make an opening without a window in a wall or change the shape of a wall, you can do this by editing the wall's profile. 

F.3.1. Alter the profile of your walls as needed.

VIDEO:  Editing the Profile of a Wall in Revit (click on the image below)

F.4. Inserting Curtain Walls

F.4.1. If you have large areas of glass, you may want to generate a curtain wall. 

The following link provides a good overview: http://www.revitzone.com/3d-modelling/145-curtain-walls-a-basic-introduction

VIDEO:  Inserting a Curtain Wall in Revit (click on the image below)

F.4.2. Once you have a curtain wall in place you can make changes to it.

VIDEO: Modifying a Curtain Wall in Revit (click on the image below)