Getting Started

For those of you that are new to Wright College, Welcome! For those of you that are returning, Welcome Back! I am looking forward to a new semester with all of you. 

This page will provide you with an overview of the courses and how they are structured. The content for several courses are housed on this site. You will find the exercise instructions along with tutorials. 

The following are some frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

Can I download the software to my computer off campus? Many of the software packages that we use can be downloaded through the Autodesk website. Some software will be available to you for free while you are a student. For the fall of 2015 we will be using Autocad and Revit versions 2015.  

Is a textbook required? No, but if you feel that you need one, here are some recommendations:

For AutoCAD. AutoCAD and Its Applications Comprehensive, Choose the version that is installed in the lab or that you have downloaded. 

For RevitMastering Autodesk Revit Architecture: Autodesk Official Press, Choose the version that is installed in the lab or that you have downloaded.

Will I need anything else for the course? Some of the tutorials have audio components so please bring a set of headphones to every class. You will also need an external storage device (flash drive, thumb drive). 2GB of storage should be ok, but it wouldn't hurt to get more.

Where will I find a list of the assignments? Go to the Course Information menu on this site and look for the class in which you are enrolled. You will find the assignments for your class in addition to assignment listings for other classes. 

Are points deducted for late submissions? No, so long as they are submitted by the final due date noted on the assignments page. However, if you would like the opportunity to revise your work to improve your grade, you need to allow time for grading and revisions. Also, students who are receiving a 50% or lower at midterm will receive an administrative withdrawal (ADW). It is in your interested to keep pace with the suggested completion dates. I will input a zero in the grade book for exercises not received at the suggested completion dates. I will raise the grade once an assignment is submitted.

Can I work ahead of schedule? Yes, you can work on any exercise that is posted on your course page.  

Where can I find my grades? On Blackboard. Go to Go the the My Grades item on the menu. You will also be able to see my comments on your work by clicking on the comment bubble next to your grade.

Are there lab hours outside of class? In the first few weeks of class, I will be giving a list of enrolled students to the security guards at campus center. If the lab door is locked, the guards will open it for you if you show your I.D. There are classes in the lab on Mondays and Wednesday until 12:30 that should not be disturbed. You can enter the lab at any other time that campus is open even if it appears a class is taking place. Just come in quietly.

How do I submit assignments? You will be uploading your work to a folder on the Google Drive. Visit this page for more information on setting up a folder.

What happens to work saved on the computers in the lab? When you log off or the computers are shut down, all files that you have saved on the local drives will be deleted. It is important that you save work to an external device in addition to uploading the work to the Google Drive.

May I print paper copies of my work? Yes, you may if you wish. The printer in the lab can print letter (8.5" x 11") and tabloid (11"x17") sized sheets. Please note that I do not require any printed submissions.

May I print the instructions and tutorials? If you wish to print the instructions and tutorials, please do so outside of the lab. The tutorials have embedded videos which will not print. Also, I may make updates to instructions as necessary. You are encouraged to toggle between the software application and the website as you work on exercises. 

Will I have access to this website after the class ends? Yes, but you will lose access to the Blackboard course site.