Open InDesign.


Create a new document.


In this document you will be arranging a set of images as shown below.

 F. Ramirez Colato

F. Ramirez Colato

Accept the defaults, except change the orientation to Portrait if it is not already. Save the file using your name followed by ImageEditing. Sal Miller would name his file SalMiller_ImageEditing.

In the Layout menu, select Create Guides.


Set the guides as shown below. 6 rows. 2 columns. Fit Guides to Margins.


Insert the image files into your layout. Open an image in Photoshop. Press Ctrl + A at the same time to select all of the image. Press Ctrl + C to copy. Go to InDesign. Press Ctrl + V to paste the image.  Click on the yellow square to move the image.


Move the original scanned image to the first row. To change the scale select the frame of the image. Hold down Ctrl and Shift. Drag from the corner of the image. Holding down shift maintains the vertical and horizontal proportions.


Move the guides into place by clicking on them and using the arrow keys. 


Generate a text box next to each image.


Align your text with the image.


Print the layout to a pdf. Provide the same name as your InDesign file.