Motor Motel Project

Problem Statement Architc 172 & Cad Tec 172

All semester you will be working a project for a motor motel. You will be designing a layout for the motel and generating a set of drawings using Revit software. The focus of the course will be developing production drawings that can be distributed to a contractor for bidding or construction purposes.  


In design it is common practice to use typologies as a starting point to solve a problem. Some examples of typologies are gas stations and churches. There are a number of reasons why we use them. First, a typology represents a tried and tested solution to a problem. Second, typologies are identifiable to people that will use them; you know that a gas station is a gas station. Third, typologies present a base in which to innovate.

Motor Motel Typology

This type of motel emerged in the early 20th century and reached the peak of popularity in the 1960's. 

The motor motel typology has a few common characteristics: 1.) The motels are situated on a main business corridor. 2.) Typically there are two levels of guest rooms. 3.) The guest rooms open to exterior corridors. There are no interior corridors. 4.) Parking is often directly adjacent to the guest rooms. 5.) Most have only two stories of guest rooms. The top level would be accessible to the ground by multiple exterior stairwells. 6.) A pool is often included. 7.) An elaborate sign is often located along the street.  

If you do a Google search for motor motels, you will find many images showing variations on the typology.


Project Overview

You have been asked to design a motor motel for a small mountain resort town. The town is experiencing a growth in tourism. The client has asked you make a contemporary interpretation of the motor motel typology hoping to attract more affluent guests. 

The Site

The site will be approximately 200' wide by 150' deep. The main business street will run along the south side of your site. On the north side of the site is a creek. North of the creek is a steep hill. There are businesses located on the east and west sides of the site.  

A handout with the site plan will be provided. You can use the handout to help make your layout.

The Project Program

The project must include the following. Sizes are approximate unless noted otherwise.


Main office. 10'x10'

Reception with counter and seating area. 15' x 15'.

Toilet adjacent to the main office. Minimum 5' x 5'.

Covered entry for car during check-in.

Small apartment for motel manager:

Living and dining area. 25' x 15'.

Kitchen. 8' x 8'.

Bath. Minimum 5' x 8'.

Bedroom. 12' x 12'.

Closets. Minimum depth is 2'. 

20 Guest rooms. Recommended overall dimensions. 15' wide x 25' deep.

Bath. Minimum 5' x 8'.

Area for two full size beds (54"w x 75"l) or one king (76"w x 80"l).


Seating area. 

Cabinet for TV and storage.

Hanging space/closet. 

Mechanical/Electrical. Total 15'x25'.

Storage/Service. 15'x25'.

One per guest room level.

Must include a sink and laundry equipment.

Exterior circulation and common areas.

Exterior, covered corridors. Minimum 5'.

Exterior, covered stairs. Minimum width 44". Maximum distance from guest room door to stair is 50'.

Covered area for vending.

One elevator to access second floor guest rooms. 8'x8'.


Parking for 30 cars. Refer to

Two entrances to the main street. Minimum 25' width.

Fenced in pool.

Pool equipment room. 10'x10' (does not have to be directly next to pool).

A sign.