Photoshop - Layouts

This page will walk you through how to create layout of multiple images and text in Photoshop.

First, open Photoshop.


Create a new sheet.

Assign a name, the size and the desired resolution for your new sheet.

From Photoshop open an image file that you would like to include in your layout. Make all changes to the image before continuing. Refer to the Image Editing pages of this site for tutorials on image editing. 

Use the Rectangular Marquee tool to select the portion of the image that you would like to copy into the new file. Select two points to designate the selection. You can also pressing Ctrl+A to select all of the image.

To copy the selection to the clipboard press Ctrl+C.

Return to your new layout file. You can select the file tab below the top row of menus.

Press Ctrl+V to paste the image into the layout. 


Note: The Pan and Zoom tools are on the lower left of the screen. Also, you can press Ctrl and + to zoom in, press Ctrl and - to zoom out. Panning can be performed by sliding along the side bars.

A new layer will be created. You can rename the layer by double-clicking on the layer name. The current layer will be blue. To change the current layer click on the layer name once.

To move the image click on the Move tool.

Left click on the image. Hold down the left mouse button. Release the button to move to a new position.

To change the size of the image select Scale from the Transform pull-out under the Edit menu.

Stretch the image as needed. Holding down the Shift button while you stretch will maintain the proportions of your image.

 If you click on a new tool, you will be asked to apply the change.

If you click on a new tool, you will be asked to apply the change.

Click on the Text tool to add text to your layout.

Change the type settings as needed. The default text color is white. Change the color by clicking on the Set-the-text-color button (red arrow below). The default size of the text is 18 pt. This size is acceptable for an 11" x 17" layout. Clicking on a tool will close the text operation.

A new layer will be created for your text. You can move the text using the Move tool. Guidelines will appear to help you to position the text. Center or left align the text. Text should appear below the drawing.

To edit the text, click on the Text tool again and select the text you wish to edit.

If you want to modify an image, keep in mind that you have to be on its layer. 

Once you have completed your layout, print to pdf. A pdf file can be taken to a printer. Select Print from the File menu.

Change the settings as necessary. Adobe PDF is the default. Cute PDF can also be used. Click OK and Print to make your pdf. You will be prompted to name the pdf.