The content below supplements course exercises.. Refer to the course handout for specific requirements.

Accessing the Software

Look for the following image on your screen. Click to open. Open an image file.


Image Rotate

If the image needs to be rotated, use the Image Rotation tool which can be found under the Image tab. You can rotate the image in 90 degree increments or you can use the Arbitrary option to rotate by a specific degree. This is useful when you scan an image and the scanned is slightly rotated in the image.


Image Cropping

Use the Crop tool to eliminate portions of the image. Make a box around the area that you would like to crop. 


Click on the Crop Tool.


Cropped image below.


Image Adjustments

Below is a pair of scanned images.


The image editing menu provides a number of tools for editing images. The examples below show the results of some image editing tools. 


The image was too light. The Brightness and Contrast settings can be adjusted to alter those settings.


The exposure controls adjust the tonal values of the image.


The Color Balance changes the overall color mixture of the image.


The Photo Filter tool allows you to add an overall tint to the image.


The Channel Mixer allows you to isolate and manipulate the color channels within the image.


The Invert tool allows you to change white to black and vice versa.


The Posterize tool allows you to set the number of tonal values. Photoshop will convert the pixels into the closest tonal value.


The Threshold tool allows you to generate high contrast images. It takes light colors and converts them to white and dark colors and converts them to black. 


Image Clean Up

You may find it necessary to clean up areas of an image. In the image below a drop of some liquid was on the original image. 

To remove the spot, you will need to determine the paper or surrounding background color. 1.) Use the eyedropper tool to sample a spot on the paper. 2.) The orange circle identifies the sample spot. 3.) The selected color appears in the tool bar.

Use the Marquee or Lasso tools to define an area to be edited.

Use the brush tool. Select a brush type, size, and hardness level that is appropriate for your needs.


The goal is to match the area with surrounding area. In the image below the spot has been removed using the a brush that is a spray pattern.