The following is a list of videos that you might find helpful as you explore Revit. The list is in alphatic order by title. Type ctrl+F to search for terms within the list. 


Autodesk tutorials for v2014. This page provides links to various overview videos.


Creating a Building Pad in Revit : 

Families – Essential Skills Video. This video provides more depth concerning the manipulation and placement of Families. Go to Essential Skills in the Menu and look for the topic “Families - Essential Skills Video”.

Foundation Walls in Revit. This video illustrates how to place retaining walls as foundations in your project. 

enerating & Modifying a Building Pad in Revit. This video describes how you would place a building pad within a toposurface and how you can make changes to it. 

Generating Levels in Revit. This video shows you can create levels within a project.

Topography in Autodesk Architecture 2013. This video provides a comprehensive explanation of setting up the topography for a building site. 

Using Revit Families, v2011. This video provides a basic understanding of the concept of Families